Sizes of baby clothing by age …?

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When buying clothes for your child, make sure you know the size of your baby’s body so that you can buy the piece that suits him and fit his body. Choosing clothes for children is one of the most difficult things a mother faces.

The sizes of children’s clothes vary according to age. The three-year-old is different from the 2-year-old.

When choosing children’s clothing, the child’s age should be chosen in both design and material. When choosing children’s clothing, these clothes must be capable of carrying the child’s toys and movement.

The clothing should not contain metal materials so that the child is not susceptible to playing and trying to swallow them. Clothes should not be long.
Basics of selecting children’s clothing sizes by age:
From birth to the first three months of childbirth, children’s clothing should be fashionable, clothing should be comfortable for the child and easy to move, since children during the early periods are more motile.

These clothes should not include the metal objects and buttons that the child may swallow. Also, make sure that the children’s clothing is free of ribbons that may cause the baby to suffocate.

And from the age of four months until the end of the first year of the child, some clothes should be purchased with larger sizes, as in those months the body of the child variable can be increased, so should buy clothes that fit his body and be larger than the size of the possibility of wearing and remove easier.

When selecting children’s clothing from the age of the year for two years, it is not important to choose the most elegant clothing, but the most durable clothes should be chosen. The child is more capable of moving and playing. Therefore, the child’s growth, movement and structure should be taken into account when choosing clothing.


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