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How to buy wholesale children’s clothing from Turkey:
There are two types of children’s clothing wholesalers from Turkey. The first type is for large merchants by container shipping. The second type is for merchants and owners of large children’s clothing exhibitions in the Arab countries. The size of the goods.
Accordingly, to complete the wholesale purchase of children’s clothing from Turkey, two basic steps must be taken:

Step 1 (Buy the goods)
Choose the models, measurements and colors required, and order them, either through the children’s clothing companies or through the factories directly and in case you are the owner of an exhibition or a dealer is better for you is to deal with children’s clothing companies, as it will give you the right price and often not You sell less than a full container,
In addition, you will have to deal with the lab in Turkish and that’s what you do about it
Star Gold Baby. To order: Zakaria old: 05384640889

The deal with Star Gold Baby is that you are dealing with more than one garment factory, and thus you will find many new models that will give you strength in the competition in your market in your country
If you are a wholesaler and need to buy several containers, you can deal directly with the children’s clothing factory, but in this case you will have to speak Turkish and visit every factory you want to deal with. You can also deal with children’s clothing companies in Turkey , Which will often provide you with very competitive prices may be cheaper than the prices you will get from the factory, because the Turkish clothing companies are very large quantities of factories, so they get special prices, in addition to the children’s clothing companies may consist of insurance Special paints (shops, export and contracts) Is one of the most important wholesale wholesaler,
As it gives it a very strong margin of competition in its market.

Step 2 (Shipping the goods)
The second step is to buy wholesale children’s clothing from Istanbul or any other province. This is a simple process. If you want to buy children’s clothes by expulsion, you can agree with any shipping company in your country that has a branch in Istanbul. To your country, customs clearance, delivery to your warehouse, and acceptable wages agreed upon with the shipping company.

In case you want to ship with the container, the clothing company or the factory will secure all the required papers for export. The shipping company will deliver the container to the port in your country. All you have to do is to clear the goods by customs or to agree with the shipping company to get the goods to you. Your warehouse.

What is the financial guarantee to buy wholesale children’s clothing from Turkey:
Financial security varies depending on the amount of goods you need to buy
You can contact the following number:
Old Zakaria: 05384640889
Via e-mail: [email protected]


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